Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

How To Use Online Reviews To Find The Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Lots of people own what they call mountain bikes, the ones with the big knobby tires, strong frames, and lots of gears, but few people really understand what it takes to conquer a real mountain trail. Most of the mountain bikes that people own never leave the road or even the garage for that matter. But, when it comes to real trail biking there are some kinds of bikes that perform better in certain situations than others.

The Type Of Suspension You Choose Is Important

Diamondback Recoil 29er Mountain BikeAgain, most of the mountain bikes that people own have no real suspension, just a solid frame that would be hard on your body if you intend to ride a really rough trail. But among real enthusiasts, there are two main types of suspensions that dominate, and each is better for a different type of terrain.

A full suspension mountain bike has front wheel and rear wheel suspension while a front suspension bike only has it on the front wheel. It’s easier to pedal the front suspension bike because it’s more efficient, and it’s a better bike to use on pavement.

The full suspension bike performs much better on trails and is far more comfortable when riding on rough terrain because it doesn’t jar your body with each bump and pothole in the road. For serious downhill rides it’s way easier to control and in the rough terrain your body will thank you later.

Choosing The Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

There are some things that make certain bikes stand out from the rest when it comes to the full suspension models. If you go to the reviews online of the major retailers and read both the good, 5-star reviews and then the bad, 2-star reviews that have been written by those labeled as “Verified Purchase” you’ll get a real good understanding of what problems others have had with some models.

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In reading some of the reviews it appears that some of the bikes weigh a full 10 lbs. more than their listed weight when fully assembled, so if that’s a concern you should pay attention to those reviews. Others had problems with the gears on some brands not changing smoothly while still others complained that the wheels arrived out of true. Some things are easy to fix if you know what you’re doing, but truing wheels is best left to a professional mechanic. So it pays to read the negative reviews before you purchase any bike.

When you find a bike that has nearly all 5-star reviews, you know that you’ve found the best full suspension mountain bike on the site. You’ll see that it’s easy to assemble, the parts are all there, the color is as ordered, it’s easy to ride, the gears come pre-adjusted as do the brakes. These are the kinds of things that make buying a good bike an excellent experience for most people.

If you’re looking for a great full suspension mountain bike it’s well worth your time to check the online reviews. If you see lots of negatives and few 5-star reviews, go on to a different one and don’t waste your time even if the price is slightly better.


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