LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Review

Most people don’t have access to high-quality, high-performance air bikes outside of the gym. They are, after all, very, very expensive. So how can you get the same results with a similar design without spending a fortune? The best option is to use an affordable alternative such as the LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer. This bike is built just like professional-grade gym models, but is a fraction of the cost. Below you’ll find a complete review of this bike.

LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Review

LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

The Assault Air Bike Trainer is a brilliant piece of equipment. It’s beautifully crafted with a sturdy frame, 20 sealed ball bearings, and well-structured pivot points for an incredibly smooth ride and great workout experience. Being air-driven this bike offers an unlimited amount of resistance. The harder you push yourself, the tougher your workout will be, it’s that simple.
LifeCORE Fitness has developed one of the most impressive air bikes available in this price range with the Assault Air. The bike is built to last, provides excellent cardiovascular exercise, and comes with additional functions that will help you achieve your personal fitness goals with ease.

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Customer Reviews

Want to get a real idea of how well this bike performs? One of the best ways to learn about a product is to ask for or read the opinions of others. The LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is a relatively new bike, though, so not a ton of people have bought or used it just yet.
There are, however, almost 50 real customer reviews for the bike on Amazon. Of those, the bike has received a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating. That’s a stellar score but, again, it’s only from a few dozen customers. Still, it does reveal that the people that have tried it out so far, are loving it.
Several people have noted that this is easily the best cardio machine they’ve ever used. They also said that the bike is very well-made and holds up against even the most vigorous, continuous use.
Here’s an overview of what people think so far:


• Very Sturdy and Stable
• Provides an Amazing Cardio Workout
• Quick and Easy to Setup
• Performs Better than Schwinn Machines
• Great Customer Service
• Awesome Interval Training Programs


• A Tad Expensive
• Could Use a Better Seat
Most people are absolutely in love with this bike, but there are a few complaints. The biggest and most common one was about the seat. It seems a lot of people think the seat could be secured better and be a bit more comfortable. Other than that the only other complaint is the price tag. In today’s world, though, you get what you pay for, and this is an extremely high-quality bike that is worth the price.

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The Hulk of Air Bikes

The Assault Air Bike Trainer is made with thick, ridiculously strong chro-moly steel, sealed cartridge bearings, and large pivots. These essential components make for an incredibly durable bike that will last through years of rigorous abuse. It’s designed to match the quality and functionality of commercial-grade bikes seen in gyms, military bases, and physical therapy facilities.
The unit is able to handle users of almost any size, too. The manufacturer claims that the Assault is capable of supporting individuals up to 400 pounds in weight.

Incredible Resistance

Unlike most home stationary bikes that rely on magnetic or friction resistance, the Assault Air uses a 25 inch diameter, steel fan to drive as much resistance as you can handle. Similar bikes are often limited to 5 or 8 resistance levels. This bike can increase resistance infinitely based on how hard you cycle and push the arms. Using this system you can perform workouts of any intensity imaginable.

Powerful Computer

Most stationary bikes come with a very basic, limited-function LCD display that simply tells you your speed and distance traveled. The computer on the LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer is much more than that. It constantly monitors your heart rate, current speed, RPMs, calories burned, and time. On top of that it features pre-programmed workouts that revolve around Tabata and internal training regimens.
You can even set your own personal calorie, distance, or time goals and have the computer track your progress toward them. The display is large and easy to read, too. Located on the center console directly between the arms of the bike it’s easy to reach, see, and adjust settings on.

Adjustable Seat

Finding the seat a bit too high, angled too far forward, or pushed too far back? None of these are an issue as the seat is fully adjustable in 6 different directions. Using a couple simple knobs you can move the seat forward, backward, up, down, and even tilt it to a more comfortable position for your buttocks.

Easy to Assemble

The Assault Air Bike Trainer is shipped boxed in various pieces, but it’s relatively easy to put together. The pieces that need to be attached are the computer, console, pedals, arms, and stabilizers. All parts are secured together using tools that are provided with the bike.
If you’re not keen on assembling the bike yourself Amazon does offer an assembly service for an extra charge. Fair warning, this additional service is NOT cheap. Considering the machine really isn’t that difficult to piece together we highly recommend skipping this extra cost and taking a whack at it yourself.


This air bike also comes with a warranty. There’s a five-year guarantee on the frame so if it gives out or breaks within that time period you can have it replaced by the company for free. All other parts of the machine have a 2 year warranty. If your bike is delivered with defective components simply contact LifeCORE Fitness’ customer service for assistance.

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