Hardtail MTB Shimano Mountain Bike

Why A Hardtail MTB Shimano Mountain Bike Is A Great Place To Start

Hardtail MTB Shimano Mountain Bike

Hardtail MTB Shimano Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is a lot of fun, but it can also be a rather expensive sport in terms of gear. It’s all too easy to spend thousands of dollars on your bike and the equipment that goes with it. In order to make your first purchase a smart one, you need to choose a decent bike that gives you plenty of value for a small sum of money. I would contend that a Hardtail MTB Shimano Mountain Bike is the best possible ride to get started with. Here’s why:

The Hardtail MTB Shimano Mountain Bike Defined

Since a bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle, the choices for suspension systems are pretty obvious: You articulate one wheel, both wheels, or neither. When only one wheel is articulated, it’s inevitably the front one. (Because, I think, that gives you far greater control on rough terrain.) This type of mountain bike (MTB) is called a “hardtail” because the rear wheel is fixed directly to the rigid frame.

The alternative to a hardtail is a bike with full suspension, which is typically called an FS bike. In the vast majority of FS mountain bikes, the rear wheel is actually fixed to a smaller frame which is then linked to the main frame with shock absorbers. This creates a distinctive “double triangle” frame shape. FS MTBs obviously deliver a smoother ride, but they’re far more complex — and expensive!

What Makes Hardtail MTB Shimano Mountain Bike Great

As noted above, hardtail MTBs are invariably cheaper than their FS equivalents. That’s not the only reason you should start learning on a hardtail bike, though! Riding a hardtail will help you cultivate several important riding skills that will serve you in good stead for many years to come.

On a hardtail bike, all of the shocks that come up through the rear wheel will have to be absorbed by your legs. This is physically demanding, but it also teaches you to pick efficient (and safe!) routes through uneven terrain. This skill will make you a better rider in the future, no matter what kind of MTB you ride. As an added bonus, hardtails allow you to put down power more efficiently, leading to faster acceleration and higher top speeds on smooth terrain.
The Shimano Advantage

Remember when I said (twice now!) that hardtails are cheaper? They’re lighter, too. These two facts mean that you can splurge just a bit on your first bike and get one with Shimano shifting gear on it. A Hardtail MTB Shimano Mountain Bike truly gives you the best of both worlds: You can have top-of-the-line shifters without spending an arm and a leg on the bike overall.

What makes Shimano equipment great is its unbeatable reliability. It very rarely breaks down, and when it’s kept in good working order it shifts smooth as a dream. Of course, that reliability comes at a cost, and Shimano gear is often some of the most expensive on the market. It’s heavy, too, so it’s a good thing that hardtail frames are much lighter than their FS counterparts.
If you heed my advice and make your first dedicated MTB a hardtail frame with Shimano gear on it, you can easily get a reliable machine capable of delivering excellent performance for less than $1200. If you keep your eyes open for sales, you may be able to go even cheaper without compromising on the shifters! It’s true that mountain biking can often be an expensive sport, but there’s no law that says it absolutely has to be.

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