Mongoose Womens Status Mountain Bike


mongoose womens status mountain bike

Mongoose Womens Status Mountain Bike

The fact that you are very comfortable while exercising in your sport is a very good feature. The fact that you are comfy while burning your calories how amazing can that be. The mongoose womens status mountain bike has been designed for this purpose to increase the comfort ability of the user.

The rider while on it is able to feel in a very good position due to the several adjustments that have been made to the same. The bike also comes along in a purple color which makes it quite attractive.
Note that these adjustments and improvements do not mean that the cost of the bike becomes more expensive however it is still affordable hence you can readily purchase it.

The riders who love a great experience out taking strolls or even competition most likely prefer this model of bike due to the features below. Ensure that you make the right decision before you purchase a mongoose womens status mountain bike.

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Here are the features of the mongoose womens status mountain bike at a glance:


As I have mentioned earlier the mongoose womens mountain bike is mostly purple in color with rims made of alloy. It also has a maker of aluminum. Note that aluminum is quite thus giving the bike a light characteristic. This feature enables it to be sift and move at very high speeds without default. The front shock equipped in the bike also prevent the weird feeling when you encounter rough surfaces or dents. Some of the other bikes may lack the best quality extensions thus when you encounter the dents even at the least of speeds you will still feel the shock since the absorbers are not efficient.


The design of the bike is very efficient to make you very comfortable. The shock absorbers ensure that you have a very smooth ride even when you are at a very surface thus enabling you to very comfortable. Most of the individuals and riders prefer this type of bike due its comfy nature.


The mongoose womens mountain bike is equipped with the best rims of strong nature and wheels with high thickness. Note that the type of wheels that are in a bicycle really affect the performance of tie bike. This is because it affects the smooth nature of your ride and in line with that affects the breaking system. With poor wheels and rims then your bike will most likely face a problem with the brakes.


Unlike others types of bicycles the mongoose women’s bike has been assembled with the shimano and sram gear shifters. This is to ensure that your gear system is at no point stuck when you are riding it. The high quality shimano shifters also enable you to save lots of your energy by turning the gears into simpler padding ones when you are in a high slope area.
The mongoose women’s bike is one of a kind and is definitely worth your money. If by any chance you are a beginner and you want a great experience in riding then acquire a mongoose womens mountain bike today.

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