Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike Review

A Schwinn high timber mountain bike Review

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

The bike market is saturated with tons of bikes. There are different bikes that are meant to serve different purposes. From the sporty bike to the adventurous bike mountaineers, there is always something for everyone.

For the casual bikers, we have the Schwinn mountain bike. This particular bike has been designed for casual bike rides and exercises. The bike’s statue is perfectly optimized to perform this function with ease and efficiency.

The Bike Specs of Schwinn high timber mountain bike

One of the most notable bike specs is its steel frame. The frame design is aesthetically pleasing and sturdy. The material being steel means that the bike is generally durable. The lifetime warranty that the bike comes with is a testament to its durability nature.

The shifter is SRAM grip linear pull aided by a 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur, ensuring swift up and down shifts. For efficient and safe braking power, the bike comes with alloy linear pull brakes. The bike’s front suspension are the SR Suntour M2000 forks, which provides comfortable riding. The saddles are designed for a quick release that enables easy height adjustment. The rims and crank are alloy-made.

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With regards to the dimensions, the height of the bike is 41”, the width is 23” while the depth is 68”. The overall weight of the bike is 42 lbs. and it is optimized to carry a weight of up to 300 lbs.

Riding Characteristics of Schwinn high timber mountain bike

Riding the Schwinn mountain bike is characterized by controlled riding. The efficient and reliable gear works to give the rider a smooth ride in a varied number of terrains. Whether you are coasting down a slope or taking on a hill, the gears will give you the necessary efficiency.

While riding this bike, you will experience an undeniable comfort that is matched by few other bikes. The front fork suspension is top-notch, dampening shock from even the roughest terrains.

The braking systems is also efficient. The top-notch alloy linear pull brakes work marvelously to stop the bikes with the ease. Brakes being a safety gear element of the bike, it is reassuring to have some of the best brakes on your bike.

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The Pros
One obvious upside of purchasing this Schwinn mountain bike is durability. The steel frame is not only strong and sturdy but quite durable – durable enough for the manufacturing company to offer a lifetime warranty.

Safety is also another benefit. The brake and the gear work together to provide maximum safety.

Another benefit of the Schwinn high timber bike is the upgradable nature of the bike. The bike comes with threaded and pre-drilled mounts, on which you can add aftermarket gear.

Finally, the bike is very easy to assemble. The instruction manual is very easy and straight forward. In this regard, many customer reviews indicate no problem with its assembly.

The Cons

This bike is shade heavier than the aluminum-framed bike. The steel used, although durable, is somewhat heavier.

The bike is unable to handle adventurous endeavor in extremely rugged terrain. For it to handle such environments, aftermarket upgrades are necessary.

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