Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Want to capture the raw, fat-burning power of cycling while in the comfort of your own home? Well, to do that you need to have the right equipment. Some indoor cycling bikes can be ridiculously expensive and, in some cases, too bulky for home gyms. Never fear, though, there are some excellent, reasonably-priced exercise bikes that provide an excellent cardio workout, fit in average home spaces, and are built to last. One such piece of equipment is the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. Below, we review this bike in full detail.

Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

When it comes to cycling bikes, quality is the name of the game. Yes, there are some very cheap bikes out there that get the job done, but they don’t provide the same riding experience, durability, and reliability that a well-built cycle can. The Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a top-notch cycle at a lower-budget price.

Equipped with a 40-pound flywheel, rugged crank, and a chain drive, this bike provides a very smooth and quiet riding experience while simultaneously producing a vigorous and effective workout. This bike is high-quality and rivals even those thousand-dollar machines you get to use while taking your favorite spinning class.

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Customer Reviews

Home gym equipment isn’t exactly cheap. Even budget-model pieces still cost a few hundred bucks and no one wants to blow that kind of money without knowing that the product is a worthy investment, right? Well, there’s an easy to ensure you’ve made the right decision before handing over your cash – read the reviews of real customers.

On Amazon alone there are over 1,000 reviews for the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. From all those reviews, the bike has maintained a respectable 4.3 out of 5 star rating. This means that the majority of people who buy this bike, really like it.

In fact, many users have commented on the quality and performance of the bike. They say that it is incredibly well-built, provides an excellent cardio workout, is very durable, and is one of the best exercise bikes available in this price range.

Here’s an overview of what people say about it:


  • Rides Very Smooth
  • Sturdy, Secure Pedals
  • Quick and Easy Assembly
  • Great Workout
  • Quiet While in Operation
  • Multiple Resistance Levels
  • Budget-Priced


  • Uncomfortable Seat
  • Requires Assembly

Really the only complaint that can be found with this bike is that the seat isn’t too comfy. This is easily remedied by purchasing a gel cover or just a new, more-padded seat to replace it. These can be bought fairly cheap so it’s not a huge issue.

The other thing that people complain about is that the bike requires assembly. Seriously? For those of you that have never purchased home gym equipment before, let me enlighten you on something… nothing comes fully put together unless you pay someone extra to pick it up, assemble it, and deliver it to your house. Plus, it’s just a few pieces and it’s very easy to put together!

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Adjustable Resistance

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an avid rider, this bike can give you the workout you desire. With multiple levels of resistance that range from nothing at all to serious tension you can make your workout as hard or easy as you like. The resistance is given by a brake caliper that makes contact with the flywheel. The closer this mechanism is to the flywheel, the higher the resistance. You can adjust the amount of total resistance by turning the knob located on the frame, just beneath the handlebars.

This bike is also capable of supporting intense, standing workouts. A lot of exercise bikes in this price range are too unstable to accommodate hard riding like this, but the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike does so with grace, even with larger men and women.

Fits Almost Anyone

Equipped with an adjustable seat and handlebars, the Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike can be adjusted to accommodate people of nearly all sizes. Women as small as 5’2″ have said that the bike fits them comfortably. Men larger than 6’2″ and 250 pounds in weight have also stated that this bike handles their size quite well, even during intense workout sessions.

Easy to Assemble

Like most other pieces of home gym equipment, this exercise bike does not come pre-assembled. The good news, though, is that it’s very quick and easy to put together. The bike comes in just a few pieces and the instructions are crystal-clear about what to do. Most people are able to put the unit together in 15 minutes or less. You only need a small wrench to bolt on some parts and that tool comes included with the package.

Warranty Included

Sunny Health & Fitness stand by their products. With this particular bike you get a full one-year warranty on the frame and a 90-day warranty on all other parts. So if the frame fails within a year, simply contact the company and they’ll replace it without charging you. If any other parts (such as the flywheel or crank) fail or prove to be defective within the first 90 days you can also have these replaced free of charge.

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